Fit & Feminine Home and Gym Program

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You ready to quit playing and press that gas?

This program is the complete guide to getting FIT and keeping it FEMININE. The exercises routines are designed specifically to target your waistline and develop core strength to develop a snatched waist. The FIT and FEMININE program also provides you with HIIT and other strength training styles that will tone and sculpt your booty and leg muscles.  It provides you with both a HOME and GYM based routine for you to choose from. As well as supplies you with a seven day meal planner so that you know just what to eat each day. You have a realistic food  plan that can be easily sustained.  You will not be on a diet. I am giving you the tools to help you create a healthy lifestyle change. 

Whether your goal is to shed some unhealthy fat or to keep your curves but tone it up, this is the guide for you!!


Plan included:

  • Training Calendar 
  • Home Training routine for 30 days
  • Gym Training routine for 30 days
  • 4 day split
  • Bonus: Realistic 7 day meal plan with 30 days of options
  • Video Demonstrations of each exercise
  • Weekly live group workout access 
  • 24/7 access
  • Mobile friendly
  • Yours to keep!

 *Complete Program

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